Fashion Baby Pregnant-Infant-Children Product Expo in Shanghai

Carla Riva was displayed at Fashion Baby Pregnant-Infant-Children Product Expo in Shanghai, China July 17-19, 2008. Pictures below show our fabulous representatives from Shanghai who did such a fantastic job putting this show together with the Australian Koala mascot, chatting with visitors as well as being interviewed by a journalist that was televised on CCTV-2.

Carla Riva at a Baby Fair in Seoul, Korea

Carla Riva has been in Korea for a few years now and sold through department stores through out the country. We’ve had great support from our agents in Seoul, their hard work has made Carla Riva a success and it has been an honour to be a part of their mother’s daily regime.

9am with David & Kim

Dhav Naidu contacted me and said he would love to show the Carla Riva products on 9am with David & Kim
on Channel 10 after a friend recommended the products to him.
It was such a lovely surprise to hear from him.
Below are some snap shots of the episode of Dhav Naidu with Kim Watkins discussing the Carla Riva products.

Carla Riva Shop Displays

Carla Riva clients have done some wonderful things with their window displays and gift pack ideas. Have a look at the stockist listed on the website to order a gift pack direct from them.
To my buyers, thank you so much for your support and sending through your great photos.