Massage is one of the oldest forms of alternative medical treatments dating back to 3000 BC where the practice travelled from India to Egypt and onto various countries over thousands of years. Each country added their techniques, herbs and essential oils differentiating the therapy and its purposes. It was the Chinese who blended acupuncture with massage focusing on pressure points whereas the Romans added a massage after their bathing regime.

It has only been in the last 40 years that massage has been reignited in the Western world making it more mainstream than ever. Today massage is used in sport, spiritual healing and for relaxation in day spas and salons.


Massaging baby is not a new technique in places like India with the therapy being passed down from generation to generation. Daily massages are given to babies soon after they are born and this continues into their childhood. Of course for many of us we have not had the privilege of learning from a family member but it is comforting to know there are many courses now available to learn the technique which offers guidance in the amount of pressure you can safely apply without at the same time being too light which will only tickle the baby.

Massage time with baby is a time for both of parents to unwind for the day and relax. It is important for you to focus on the baby and not on all the things that have to be done after you've finished. It is a joyous time that will bring you closer together and aid in understanding your baby’s needs and what makes them happy.

Your baby will recognise your voice, your scent and your touch. The mother’s voice, scent and touch will be different to that of the father’s so a massage from either parent will always complement the other. A mother will always have closeness with their baby through breastfeeding. The father can also create closeness with their baby through massage.

Massaging baby will calm and relax baby, getting them ready for sleep time. Adding this to their sleep time routine after bath time will calm them knowing they’ll soon be in bed. At the same time it will calm you too.

Make sure your hands are warm before applying and always rub the oil on your hands so they glide easy, you don’t want to pour the oil straight onto your baby as this may surprise them reversing the calming effect. You can always add more oil if it’s not enough, keeping in mind a little goes a long way and the last thing you want is a slippery baby.

Gently talk or sing to your baby in a calming loving way as the sound of your voice will bring them happiness. This is also a time for you to listen to your baby as well as noticing their movements, so you can learn their reactions and needs as they grow.

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Massages are great all year round; they can be cooling and refreshing in summer time and warms the body in the winter. Once you have massaged baby be sure to use the massage oil on yourself keeping you calm for the rest of the night.